SHOW OF BEDLAM - Transfiguration




  • # de l'item: IFMERCH_2798
  • Type de produit : CD
  • Description : Item 2798

    1. Black Lotus 12:22
    2. Taelus 08:31
    3. Transfiguration 02:01
    4. Hall of Mirrors 09:21
    5. Lamentation 00:20
    6. Easter Water 10:45
    7. L'Appel du vide 00:41

SHOW OF BEDLAM is cryptic, psychotic, dark, supremely heavy and absolutely mesmerizing and epic in his own way... The female-fronted wall of sound from Montréal is transcending the magnitude of the ever progressive NEUROSIS and the psychotic, off the wall craziness of BATTLE OF MICE. Rich with layered ambiances, "Transfiguration" displays a staggering exhibition of despair and immersive power, morphing the band into a Dark Spectacle fueled by an inhuman degree of atmospheric density.

paru le 14 mai 2017

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