PYRRHON - Running out of skin




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    1. Statistic Singular 06:30
    2. Ashes to Alveoli 00:33
    3. Motivational Speaker II 04:24
    4. Crystal Mountain 04:58

NYC-based experimental metal outfit PYRRHON have released Running Out Of Skin, a new EP, via their Bandcamp page. A limited-edition CD pressing courtesy of PRC Music will follow shortly. Running Out Of Skin is perhaps PYRRHON's most unconventional recording to date. Tracked entirely live and dispensing with the layered rhythm guitars common to most metal records, it consists of one new composed song — "Statistic Singular," which recounts a homicide witnessed by vocalist Doug Moore in 2012 — two standalone group improvisations, and a reinterpretation of Death's classic "Crystal Mountain." Both the purely improvisational tracks and the cover are firsts for PYRRHON's recorded catalog. The latter was the first song the band learned as a group, and serves as a send-off for longtime drummer Alex Cohen, who makes his last recorded appearance with PYRRHON here. Running Out Of Skin was recorded by Cohen at Solitude Studios, and mixed / mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth: The Thousand Caves. Longtime PYRRHON visual artist Caroline Harrison created the cover art and layout.

paru le 15 mars 2016

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