ICE DRAGON - Dream Dragon




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    1. Dreamliner 05:04
    2. Maximum Trip 05:13
    3. Every little star 01:38
    4. Stumble onto magic 06:38
    5. I know you're in here 03:32
    6. A dragon's Dream (Part 1) 03:10
    7. Beard of thieves 04:28
    8. For once in my life 05:06
    9. More than I can say for you 04:58
    10. Me and my lady (My lady and me) 03:10
    11. Unter den gnomen 03:59
    12. Dream Dragon 05:41
    13. A dragon's dream part II 01:57

ICE DRAGON, one of the most original musical entity in the global underground is finally issuing its "Dream Dragon" album on CD, their most disturbing and celebrated recording to date. The band is still highly influenced by BLACK SABBATH's first 3 albums but can you imagine if they would dare adding some PINK FLOYD influences into the mix? Well, that's what they did. "Dream dragon" soundslike the bastard child from both legendary entities. Call it Doom, Acid Rock, proggy protometal... whatever. This album is superbly mixing psychedelic grooves with harder stoner riffing buried beneath the gnarliest production this side of ’68!

paru le 7 septembre 2014

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