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  • Type de produit : CD
  • Description : Item 2794

    1. Unconscious 06:09
    2. Narcissistic Rage 06:18
    3. Persecution 07:41
    4. As the End Begun 08:37
    5. Obsolete 07:32
    6. Paroxysm 03:22
    7. Dysfunctionnal Therapy 07:15
    8. . 03:01

DEVIANT PROCESS from Quebec city is gearing up to deliver its new beast and first full length album entitled “Paroxysm" through PRC MUSIC in March of 2016. After various line-up changes and sharing the stage with death metal icons such as Cryptopsy and Vital remains (to name but a few), the band went in writing mode and recorded its 7 songs debut album. Musically delivering a fusion of death metal brutality and refreshing progressive eclecticism, DEVIANT PROCESS is an astonishing foursome of highly technical musicians and talented song writers with a vision and musical direction similar to heavy hitters BEYOND CREATION, OBSCURA and AUGURY.

paru le 11 mars 2016

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