DEAD TEMPLE - Dead Temple




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  • Type de produit : CD
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    1. Shadow of 1000 Faces 06:06
    2. White Devil 02:30
    3. Temptress 03:52
    4. Black Death 03:22
    5. Sisterhood of the Snake 04:11
    6. Loved By Death 02:27
    7. Virgin Blood 03:42
    8. Cult of Acid 04:44
    9. Hestia's Hymn 03:38

The DEAD TEMPLE opens its doors and you're about to enter a very dark place. Inspired by early heavy metal, "Cult of Acid" is a stupendous album blending seventies hard rock perfectly with traditional doom and a slight 00's occult / retro vibe. The vocals are superb and are perfect against the 70's inspired musical backdrop. Big riffs, big voices, big sound. Think the rock and roll of GIRLSCHOOL blended with the doom of BLACK SABBBATH and WITCH MOUNTAIN with very evil lyrics about the kingdom of lies... this is absolutely beautiful. A stunning debut album not to be missed.

paru le 16 octobre 2015

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