CHEMICIDE - Act of retaliation




  • # de l'item: IFMERCH_2763
  • Type de produit : CD
  • Description : Item 2763

    1. Book of lies 05:22
    2. Democide 03:34
    3. Age of Extinction 04:49
    4. Episodes of Insanity 01:42
    5. Retaliation 02:30
    6. Codified to Kill 05:49
    7. Inherited Suffering 03:17
    8. Taken by Force 04:35
Our brothers from Costa Rica are hitting the shit out of us again with a sledgehammer of a second album! Musically impeccable, they still deliver modern thrash influenced by the good old Bay Area (Exodus, Testament, Old Metallica), but the musicianship, song writing abilities and overall delivery went through a major up lifting on "The Act of Retaliation"! The first album had this crazyness of the youngters willing to challenge the world and did very well, brought them great reviews and new fans worldwide, but album number 2 is a completely different beast, a lot more mature in every possible ways and it will definitely conquer! Thrash is not back... it never went away!

paru le 16 juin 2017

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