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    Among Gods - Among Gods (2013)
    01. Apocalypse
    02. Night Procession
    03. The City Of The Dead
    04. Martyr
    05. Crucifixion
    06. The Plague

    Death Metal / Thrash Metal
    Country of origin: Norway
    Location:Bergen, Hordaland

    Ivan Rolstad Drums
    Broke Guitars
    Kenneth "Ripper" Olsen Vocals
    Remi Skråmestø Bass (past member)

    Label: PRC Music

Among Gods are a death metal trio that began as a side project of Syrach vocalist Ken "Ripper" Olsen. Originally, the band formed in 2010 with four members, but bassist Remi Skråmestø left the group shortly after the release of their self-titled debut album which formerly hit digital stores on May 6th, 2012. Now, Among Gods have found themselves picked up by PRC Music and their debut album is pending a physical release through the label this April, with new cover art to boot. So, what do these Norwegian metalheads sound like?

Upon hearing "Crucifixion", the opening track to Among Gods, it's easy to hear that this album is not going to be your expected, straight-to-the- point death metal but rather an amalgam of conjoined influences from all three members. The vocalist, Ken "Ripper" Olsen, provides vocals that are remindful of Asphyx and similar doom/death metal bands, with a small injection of black metal influence; this style crossover can also be attributed to his work with his main band, Syrach, who are a doom/death metal group. The guitarist, Broke, has a main band of his own known as Viðr, who are a black metal band, as well as drummer Ivan Rolstad who is in the melodic black metal band Vinterbris. The outcome of all of these influences rolled into one album together is that of a more blackened death metal/doom metal creation.

Having noted the above, Among Gods comes off as a rather directionless collection of hard to describe material. In some tones, it wants to be black metal, in some structures it wants to be doom metal, in some aspects it wants to be death metal, and the three genres continually combat each other. Ripper showcases an assortment of vocal diversity; "Martyr" comes with high shrills while tracks such as "Crucifixion" and "The Night Procession" are loaded with elongated, forlorn growls. The remaining tracks are, vocally, pretty death metal inspired. As Ripper unleashes his hellish bellows, there are a plethora of palm-muted riffs, tremolo picking, galloping triplets and simple leads lurking beneath. The tremolo picking generally comes attached with double bass drumming and punky rhythms, which reinforces the black metal feel of the content. There are a fair share of fast tempos versus chugging riffs with bass heavy sections, such as what is heard in "The City of the Dead". The drumming patterns mostly stick to slow rhythms, for the exception of a handful of double bass segments, and are for the most part fairly lack luster; this can be partially credited to how low they are mixed and partially from how apathetic the playing is. "Crucifixion", "The Night Procession" and "Apocalypse" are the more doom oriented tracks, while "Martyr" sticks out as the sole over-abundant black metal track, leaving the rest to carry a death metal tone. Although, it is hard to put each track into a specific category since the overall album carries all three genre influences reasonably equally.

Among Gods need to find a way to solidify their musical direction and make their drumming more potent, but overall their self-titled debut album is an immersing hybrid of varying influence that leans more into the doom metal spectrum rather than death metal at this point. "Crucifixion", "Martyr", "The Night Procession" and "Apocalypse" are the most stand-out tracks that appear on the list, each containing main beats that are easily headbangable, vocals that are fun to growl along to, and generally well-rounded composure. A recommended listen, but don't be mislead by the 'death metal' label slapped upon the content; this is deep, dark, doom.
- Villi Thorne

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