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  • Provenance: Sweden
  • Genre: Heavy Metal 'n' Roll!

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We are Screamer '‚– straight up heavy metal n' roll from Sweden
Starting out in early 2009 with the intention of deliviering the best heavy metal there is Screamer fast grew in to one of the hardest touring demo bands in Sweden. Recording the ground setting demo '‚“Never Going Down'‚” after only two months as a band the path was set and shows came pouring in.
The hit song '‚“Can You Hear Me'‚”, even in a demo version, got aired on national Swedish radio, local radio channels as well as a load of international web radio stations.
More than 100 shows have been performed in both Sweden and Europe, including our first headliner tour in 2012. The high octane heavy metal n' roll has made Screamer into a adrenaline breathing live machine that always deliver.
In late 2010, early 2011 the recording of our debut album, '‚“Adrenaline Distractions'‚” began, and was released November 11th on German label High Roller Records. An album that made quite a fuzz all over Europe, some critics even nominated the record for '‚“Album of the year 2011″

Screamer is, and always will be:
'‚• Christoffer Svensson '‚– Vocals and bass
'‚• Anton Fingal '‚–Guitar
'‚• Henrik Petersson '‚– Drums
'‚• Dejan Rosic '‚– Guitar


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