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  • Provenance: Montreal, Quebec, Ca
  • Genre: Black Metal / Folk / Metal

Courte Biographie
Members :
Shark// Keyboards
Crook // Vocals
PiNcH// Bass
Mawhjey//Drums & Back Vocals
Karhu// Guitar
Grazzt//Guitar & Back Vocals

The tree of life,
source of eternal youth and strength,
nurturing nine worlds filled with immortal legends

A Deity feared and adored by all,
had to change the course of destiny.
Resolute, she went to Yggdrasil`s roots
so she could meet the three weavers of destinies, the norns.

Past, present and future reunited.

An agreement was struck.

Freyja chose from the dead;
the lost souls of wandering, restless warriors.
To get a chance at redemption, new life was granted to them.



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