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  • Provenance: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Genre: Death Metal / Metal / Thrash

Courte Biographie

Spelldown is found in 1996 by Alex Duhamel and Cédric Dugas.
With some fresh material written, they search for some musicians interested in joining Spelldown.
In 1997, Spelldown welcomes in its ranks Raymond Lefebvre at the drums, Domininc Nudo at the bass and Sébastien Nudo at the vocals.
Then, Spelldown forms a whole band and looks forward to write some more stuff. The band even throws a few gigs here and there. Later that same year, Alex has an accident that almost cost his left forearm: his guitar playing suffers a lot and Spelldown is on hold. Although the seriousness of his wound and his arm weakened by it, Alex works hard to regain all his initial guitar skills. Soon, the accident is only bad memory and Spelldown gets it on again.

In 1999, Spelldown records its first demo entitled Damnation from the highest point which is received farovabely in the critic's opinion. 1200 copies are sold (300 in Germany). In 2000 Spelldown supports Martyr at its launch gig of the Warp Zone album. Later that same year, the band supports Symphony X at the Medley in Montréal.

In 2001, Cédric leaves Spelldown to spend some more time on other musical projects. Even though there's only one guitarist left inside Spelldown, the band continues touring: the empty seat is filled in 2002 when Jacques Marcoux joins. But Spelldown still suffers of the recent changes in its core and Jacques is kicked out in 2003. The relation between Alex and the Nudo brothers gets worst and the disputes get the best of Spelldown. The band won't see the end of 2003. Soon after the Spelldown's disband, Alex receives a contract offer from the Skyscraper record company, situated in Montréal. But with the band recently parted, Alex can't do nothing but refuse the offer. He then turns himself toward his lutecraft services and rents some practice-studios in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Later on, he tours with Capitaine Révolte as a technical director and meets the members of Anonymus and Carlos Ponte (Anonymus' manager and soundman). Capitaine Révolte hires Carlos as a soundman for last leg of the tour and it's the beginning of an excellent relation between Alex and Carlos. In 2004, Alex attends a Mononc Serge & Anonymus gig at Sorel. He meets again with Carlos Ponte and asks him to restart the Spelldown project together. Instead of saying yes, Carlos Ponte directs Alex towards Oscar Souto (bass) and Carlos Araya (drums) from Anonymus. Alex is astonished when he learns that Oscar and Carlos want to join. There's one condition though: Oscar and Carlos have to finish the present tour first. Meanwhile, Alex asks Simon Robert if he wishes to join Spelldown at the guitar.

In 2005, Alex & Simon puts together a couple of tracks for Spelldown to work .. the first studio jam, each member feels that there's some vibrant chemistry between them. Despite the fact that there is no singer at the moment, Spelldown forms a powerful musical entity. But again, the band has to deal with parting : Simon leaves the formation in 2007 and he is replaced with Marco Paradis, one of Alex's old friends. In june 2008, Spelldown finally finds itself a singer. Luc Giguère (Diskunt, ex-Exhult, ex-Brief Respite) joins after meeting with Alex. Spelldown in now a five members band and works actively on some new tracks that everyone of you will be hearing pretty soon.


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