Ovid's Withering

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  • Provenance: Tampa, FL USA
  • Genre: Metal / Djent / SubliminalGroove / black technical theatrical

Courte Biographie

Ovid's Withering is a musical unit that has been refined into their own identity through seasons of staying on their own two feet, and never settling for less than their best. With a firm DIY ethic that always has kept them at the most interpersonal level with their lively and interactive fanbase, they crafted a brand that keeps listeners involved in their universe even between musical releases. There's always activity behind the curtains of the Ovid's Withering camp, but the curtains are transparent enough for the faithful followers to never feel forgotten in the midst of the toiling songcraft.

With a tight, intense live show, and a focus on clever songwriting over easily-forgotten showboating, they have won over many an audience. Such audiences have included crowds belonging to Periphery, Fleshgod Apocalypse, SepticFlesh, Kataklysm, Enfold Darkness, The Absence, Behemoth,Dillinger Escape Plan, Aeon, Animals as Leaders, Abiotic, Obscura, Born of Osiris, Six Feet Under, Norma Jean, The Ocean,and The Black Dahlia Murder. With recently winning the Regional Finals of Sumerian's Headbang For The Highway battle of the bands and opening the Orlando, FL of Summer Slaughter, plus increasing widespread interest and hype for their upcoming debut full-length "Scryers of the Ibis", they can effortlessly prove themselves to be an engaging and entertaining musical force on both live and recorded platforms of delivery.

While others dream, Ovid's Withering forges grandiose visions into tangible art. 2013 has seen them moving forward on a larger scale than ever before, and the journey will be a regrettable one to ignore.

JJ "Shiv" Polachek - Lead Vocals
Matt Suits - Bass/Vocals
Aaron Rodriguez - Guitar/Vocals
Mark Gonzalez - Guitar/Vocals
Dustin Rogers - Drums

Record Label
We are not signed to any American label. We are signed and distribute through Subliminal Groove Records as a Canadian Label.


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