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  • Provenance: Sunderland, England
  • Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Courte Biographie

Gary King - Vocals
Connor Jobes - Drums
Simon Atkinson - Guitar
Ryan Banks - Bass
Craig Robertson - Guitar

Record Label Ghost Music (UK/EU/AUS)
Subliminal Groove Records (Worldwide)

Nexilva are a five piece progressive death metal outfit from Sunderland in the North East of England. Blending technicality and sheer brutality with intense speed and mystical synths, these lads are definitely making a long lasting impression on anyone who gets in their way.

With a number of U.K headline tours under their belt the band are well experienced in playing shows and use their crushing live performance to their advantage.

"In a weekend where Meshuggah riffs and progressive textures are the mainstay, Nexilva stand out from note one. As they start to a half-empty room, there’s a rush back to the stage as the utter barbarism kicks off. They’re technical and furious, but their death metal destruction – and the fact they’re absolutely fucking throat-ripping – is a very different to every other band at the fest. And thanks to their ferocity (the deliciously horrible vocal shrieks and roars especially), they instantly become a highlight of the entire show" - METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE

After two past releases that were highly well received across the online metal community. Nexilva are working on a new full length album set for release this year.

"Not for the faint-hearted, Nexilva play death metal with a top-notch technical flair and progressive arrangements, and boast a whole host of layers." James Monteith (Tesseract/Holdtight PR/Basick Records/Metal Hammer)


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