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Magnum Stallion

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  • Provenance: Montreal, QC
  • Genre: Metal

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Magnum Stallion is a new explosive wave; pure extreme, fast, catchy and heavy metal. Adapted for a destructive lead singer with rockstar emocore black metal attitude, two guitarists that will fuck you up with their unbelievable...technique, an extremely strong brutal executioner of death that plays drums, a bassist that do more than just backing the guitars and backing the vocals and backing the shit you know?
A keyboardist that does not even understand his speed nor the fact that he's in a heavy metal band, Magnum Stallion form his members and the members follow the orders by bringing sounds to the world, by rending these sounds to your ears. Be ready to hear the best actual emerging band of Montreal, a band that aims to be heard by the entire world, whatever the cost, Magnum Stallion.."


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