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  • Provenance: Tempe, AZ USA
  • Genre: Ambient Death Metal / Subliminal Groove

Courte Biographie

Focusing on traditional metal influences, Kardashev builds and is inspired by theoretical physics and astronomy which help to create a unique ambient metal experience.

We all had similar thoughts and wonders about science, technology, space, and death metal. Therefore, we made music.

Four guys in Tempe who love metal and Science decided to combine them. They focus on using traditional metal influences, and inspiration from theoretical physics and astronomy to create a unique, ambient metal experience.

Adam Cody, Wretched - "Kardashev takes notes from some superior metal icons. I immediately hear influences from TesseracT, The Faceless, & Opeth. A great group of prog influences. This band however, instead of attempting to be those bands, has brought on their own sound. I hear a heavy lean towards the oldschool melodic death metal side of In Flames. I'm interested to see which road this up and coming metal band takes. Flawless production and an acute sense of all musical genres is making for an awesome new band....Kardashev!!"

Jerry Grannan, Aegaeon - "Ambience washes in and out of these tracks, and atmospheric electronics compliment a pleasant listening experience. A sense of hope generated by synthesis lies underneath these songs otherwise filled with chunky, thick deathcore riffage. This gives Kardashev a refreshing uniqueness in a crowded genre. Keep an ear on them."

Corey West, A Distant Calm - "Kardashev is a mix of both new and old heavy metal genres. Their dark, cybernetic passages bring to mind The Contortionist / Aegaeon but keep the old school riffing ala The Black Dahlia Murder intact. Every member is firing on all cylinders here, production and song structure is given adequate attention. Keep an ear tuned to this band."

Members Mark Garrett - Translation [Vocals]
Nico Mirolla - Architecture [Guitars/Ambiance]
Chris Gerlings - Inspiration/ Foundation [Bass]
James Hyatt - Motivation [Drums]

Record Label
Subliminal Groove


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