Gutter Demons

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  • Provenance: Montreal, QC, CANADA
  • Genre: Psychobilly

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Since their unholy birth, Gutter Demons have been tearing up the scene across Canada with their intense stage shows, raucous rock n'roll music, red-blooded rockabilly roots, punk potency, and downright dirty musicianship. Quickly becoming Canada's most recognized disciples of Macabre, they have quickly gained a strong following by playing their unique brand of mutant Psychobilly.

Winter 2002 saw the birth of Gutter Demons. The voodoo rhythm of Custom Pat, the frenzy bass slapping of Flipper and the riffs & roars of sick minded Johnny Toxik, would be preaching their hard-hitting psychobilly gospel to the masses. They record their self titled 6 song EP and the rawness of that effort earned them respect from the Montreal music scene. This allowed them to play all over Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes, gaining a loyal fan base.

Halloween 2003 marked the release of Enter the Demonz, their full length independent album, of which the 3rd (of 4) pressing was licensed to Pirates Records and quickly sold 3000 copies. The album combined with the release of the 7" Human Remains on the Dutch label Fantoom Records created an international demand as well as a sparkling interest with the media at home and abroad.

2004 was a determinant year, they shared the stage with Nashville Pussy, U.K. Subs, Reverend Horton Heat, Left Over Crack, and twice with The Misfits. They were also featured on several compilations (Zombie Night in Canada I, Kicked Outta Purgatory) and continued to be regularly promoted in Canadian, American, and European publications and radio. Their song Enter the Demons was licensed to the Los Angeles based Got2Be products which is used in a TV (MTV) and radio commercial.

Yet again, 2005 was another promising year. They appeared on a few other compilations (ZNC II, MTL Localz) and the song Day of the Dead was used in the feature film, St-Martyr des Damnés by Robin Aubert. After completing a successful Canadian tour with UK punk legends The Vibrators, they released a split 7" with Adam West which is distributed by People like you in Europe & sell out in no time. This one was a teaser for the 2nd CD, ROOM 209 which made its appearance on Halloween in front of over 500 fans, which lead to numerous shows supporting the release and 2 feature videos (Pauvre Martin and Haunted lake). The Gutter Demons - 2008

Summer 2006, the band decides to go where it all started for Psychobilly and they do a European tour playing in 5 countries and ending with one of the most important Psychobilly music festival (Calella #14 in Spain). After another brilliant Canadian tour in 2007, it's time for the trio to take a break and work on the production of the next album.

March 2008 sees the label klub 333 from France releasing Enter the Demonz on vinyl. Gutter Demons much anticipated 3rd recording Misery, Madness & Murders Lullabies appears in April, right on the heels of their first appearance in Finland. This new effort showcases a top production & an astonishing maturity. This time the well reputed label Wolverine records from Germany will be helping our demons across Europe, Australia & Japan. Meanwhile in North America Cargo records and F.A.B will be the official distributors.


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