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  • Provenance: Richmond, Quebec, CA
  • Genre: Classical / Death Metal / Experimental

Courte Biographie

"This Quebec, Canada-based death metal band, formed by Luc Lemay (vocals), Sylvain Marcoux (guitar), Eric Giguere (bass) and Stephane Provencher (drums), promised great things on their 1991 debut, Considered Dead, which featured guest spots from the Death guitarist James Murphy and Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes.

'‚ In the summer of 2008 Luc decided to do a new record to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band. The idea for the new line-up came together after the suggestion from my longtime partner in crime, Steeve Hurdle. One evening after a NEGATIVA rehearsal, Steeve brought up the fact that 2009 being the 20th anniversary of GORGUTS, it would be nice for me to give to the fans a new record!!! I immediately loved the idea, and not long after, I started writing material for this record. Then I got in touch with John Longstreth (ORIGIN, DIM MAK), and John said yes right away! John and I have been writing to each other for a few years, and we both had back then the intention of doing some kind of musical project together. Then I knew from square one that I wanted to have Colin Marston on bass. Big Steeve showed me some DYSRHYTHMIA videos'‚…. that's how I got blown away by the playing and musical style of Kevin Huffnagel! At my big surprise, they both agreed to be part of my next record!!!!
A new record Colored Sands (Label: Season of Mist) is out now.


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