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  • Provenance: Montreal, QC, CANADA
  • Genre: Metal

Courte Biographie

Frostbite, hailing from Montreal, Canada, is finally releasing their first full-length album entitled “Etching Obscurity”.

Formed in 2012 by Max Allard, the band has evolved a lot since the release of their 2013 EP “Through the Grave”. The band has since developed a more progressive sound and an overall different approach to the composition and style.

Since then, the line-up has changed considerably. Along with founding member Max, the band has taken on 4 new members. A collaboration from many different musical backgrounds and influences gives the band it’s now Progressive Black n’ Roll sound.

After a year in studio, the band is proud to release something unique and refreshing, which will leave the listener with an experience from beginning to end.

Frostbite is: Krystal Koffin: Vocals Max Allard: Guitars Tony Collin: Guitars Stef Deschênes: Bass Alexief Delbes: Drums


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