Death Row Six

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  • Provenance: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
  • Genre: Death Thrash Metal

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Band Members
Stephane Francoeur: Guitar (Founding Member)
(Abeyance, Concept of Presence, Capharnaum)
Ray Legault: Drummer (Founding Member)
(Departed Souls, Violent Noise, CRP, Capharnaum)
Carlos Legault Macias: Guitar
(Crystal Land)
Jay Tobin: Vocals
Phil Demers: Bass

Record Label
Hellstorm Recordz

Deathrow Six churns out bone crunching, old school death metal riffs, infused with the driving intensity found in thrash.

In October 2006, wheels of brutality were set in motion when Stephane "Frog" Francoeur and Rey Legault started jamming out some raw death/thrash influenced tracks.
The sound grew from a whisper to a roar as Yves Gagnon filled in with the bassline, while JF Mathe began ripping up powerful leads.
The foundation was complete when Jocelyn Thibault aswered their call, and responded with the hearty scream the band was looking for. With a sound established, the band began hammering out some heavy tracks, and released their first demo. The band was rattled soon after, when JF had to leave due to personal reasons, and Yves was replaced with Phil Demers shortly after. The sound had changed, but it did not fade, and after a long search, Deathrow Six stumbled across Carlos Macias. The young guitarist added a brutal crunch to the already heavy sound, and the first album "Bringer of Pain" was released.
The apprentice had become the master as Stephane took the helm, and started shredding his own brand of bone shattering leads. Further turmoil affected the group, as Phil was replaced with Jean Lefebvre on bass, and Jocelyn left due to conflicting interests. The four searched for a vocalist to fit their increasingly heavy riffs when they found Tobin - His conceptual lyrics and monstrous voice fit the bill perfectly. The sound had reached a pinacle of old school death metal brutality, and the Demo "Born in Chaos" was recorded. At this time, Jean left the band to persue a different sound, and Phil Demers re-joined; it had been as if he'd never left. The band is now recording their Full length album "The Insidious Horror", and getting heavier every day.

General Manager
Ben Belanger

Slayer, Lamb of God, Venom, D.R.I., Chimaira, Devil Driver, Kataklysm, Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Suffocation, Pantera, Death, Soilent Green

Press Contact
Stephane Francoeur
Daimon Hellstorm

Booking Agent
Ben Bélanger


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