Dark Century

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  • Provenance: Montreal
  • Genre: Iinfluences from death, thrash, grind and harcore Metal

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Aggressive, hilarious, heavy and bloody and, just as importantly, filled with trans fats and cholesterol, Montreal’s metal five-piece Dark Century welds together death, thrash, grind and hardcore, striving to always stay fresh. Founded in 2001 in Montreal and devouring the music scene like savage animals in a quest of a headbanging crowd, DARK CENTURY released their first album Days of the Mosh in 2009. A videoclip followed that release, the popular track titled "Viande Froide".

DARK CENTURY took the road across Canada on tour in 2012. Performing in metal shows and festivals such as the Heavy MTL 2012 and went back in studio for a new single to promote their future album.

A second videoclip was made: the new single "Kill the Crowd" later that year that served to crank up the wave of their heavy beats.

DC came back in studio in 2013 to record their second full-length album: "Murder Motel", Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy). After that hard fat-burning and sweaty job, DARK CENTURY is releasing this hard-hitting record in April 2014.

“All in all, we;re taking a big step from the previous album in order to put out something that sounds heavier, way more aggressive and completely "in your face". We keep it simple and efficient. We are not a technical death metal band, or trying to reinvent the wheel. It is the logical evolution for us from Days Of The Mosh.”

With an unrivaled live show accompanying their music – “We like to bring the party on stage, we'll throw ourselves around for the whole set and often feel it for a few days. When you come see a show that has Dark Century on the bill, you'll get exactly that: hell of a show” – it’s no wonder Dark Century was one of the two finalists at the Heavy MTL Battle of the Bands, winning the chance to play Heavy MTL on summer 2012.

“Dark Century is bacon. It's greasy, fat and crunchy and it is an essential element of any unbalanced diet!"


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