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Clearwater Deathblow

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  • Provenance: Montreal, Qc
  • Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal

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CLEARWATER DEATHBLOW originated in 2005 when guitarist Dominique '‚« Bédaine '‚» Simard and drummer Nicolas '‚« NickPalm '‚» Poissant'‚‘s common passion for extreme music led them to start writing music together. Joined shortly thereafter by Matt '‚« Skunk '‚» Lambert on bass and Martin '‚« Gore '‚» Massé on vocals, the band's sound, influenced by earlier bands such as Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, DRI and Voïvod rapidly took shape. An aggressive mix of grindcore, death metal and hardcore/crust/punk, '‚« Parasite Cleansing '‚» was released upon the masses in 2008 via ProDisk records. It is a testament to the band's 15 years experience of writing, live playing, recording and most importantly, love for extreme music. Shortly after the release of the album, Guitarist Ethan Djankovich was hired to fill a vacant spot as second guitarist.


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