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Buffalo Theory MTL

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  • Provenance: Montreal, QC
  • Genre: Southern Rock / Rock / Metal

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Influenced by such bands as Black Sabbath, Down, Kyuss, and other original rock/metal bands from the 1980's & 1990's, BUFFALO THEORY MTL plays its own genre of music that might be described as stoner metal.
The band was formed in late 2008 by three members (Gary Lyons, Pat Gordon, and Brian Craig) of local horror metal heroes Ghoulunatics (R.I.P. 1994-2008), shortly after the announced split up of the band. They soon recruited another veteran of the local scene in Yannick Pilon (Arseniq33 R.I.P. 1992-2010), who was itching to play some dirty old rock n roll.
In November of 2009 the band recruited Brazil native Anton Parr as their front man, who brings tons of live and studio experience with him, and the band was complete.
In order to get some exposure & to be able to promote the band, BUFFALO THEORY MTL decided to hit the studio for one day to de some pre-production work, resulting in the self release of a five song demo CD in March 2010.
The band is hoping to enter the studio to record a full album as soon as possible, but they first want to spread their music around....

Band members:
Anton Parr - vocals
Pat Gordon - guitar (Les Ekorchés, ex-Ghoulunatics)
Yannick Pilon '‚– guitar & vocals (ex-Arseniq33)
Gary Lyons '‚– bass (ex-Ghoulunatics)
Brian Craig - drums (Les Ekorchés, ex-Ghoulunatics)

Background Photo by:
Simon Houle


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