Facebook app for pages

  • Install
    1. Go on the app page.
    2. Select wich page(s) you want to install the app on and click "Add Page Tab".
  • Edit
    1. Go in your page settings.
    2. Click on "Applications".
    3. You'll see the IFMerch app. Click on "Access application".
    4. You'll now be able to set the page name, the top banner, the language and the background color.
    5. Once set, click "Submit".
  • Customise
    1. To customise the image shown in on your homepage and the name of the app, go on your page logged as an administrator.
    2. Click the down arrow at the right of your apps.
    3. When you'll roll over the app image with your mouse, an edit icon will show. Click on it.
    4. Click on "Modify settings"
    5. You will now be able to change your app image and the name of the app by following the instructions.

IFMerch widget for websites

  1. Select your category:
  2. Select your language:
  3. Copy and paste this code on your website:

IFMerch logos

Available soon.