Where Philosophers Fall




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    Where Philosophers Fall (2013)
    01. After Illusion 05:21
    02. My Deadly Sin 04:49
    03. The Mirror Of My Punishment 04:52
    04. Tale Of Creation 06:15
    05. Another Dying World 04:15
    06. The Demon Inside Me 05:04
    07. Beyond The Black Star 04:19
    08. Dream Jailed 04:47
    09. All End... 04:47
    10. Where Philosophers Fall 05:23

    Release date: 2013
    Label: CDN Records

Produced in 2012 by Maxime Côté and The Unconscious Mind
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Maxime Côté
All Music and Lyrics are the property of The Unconscious Mind, copyright 2013
All arrangements by The Unconscious Mind
Drum Programmed by Simon Cléroux
ArtWork by Vitaly S. Alexius
Booklet and CD layout design by Roberto Napolitano
Logo Design by Francis Desrochers
Band Picture by Mihaela Petrescu

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