Consecrate + Red Hill (single)


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    Total lenght: 4:32
    Format : Bandcamp Download
    Release date: 2014, Oct 15
    Engineered, mixed and mastered by Marc-Oliver Fréchette
    at The Grid .
    Music and lyrics by Eric Burnet.
    Cover art by Corey-James Weber.

Consecrate chronicles the realization that a life situation is leading to misery and depression, and that rallying personal strength to make a major change is the only path forward.

Instructed to endure with stoic grace
Forecasted into a life so grey
Filled to the brim with outworn doctrines
Assigned a place to be filed away

The layers build up over time
They form a thick veneer
Resistant to the elements
...this armor weighs me down

Abuse and waste quite neatly explained
Empathy masked by accepted pain
Unnatural thinking, the mind astray
I must choose to leave this all behind...

I leave the edge and cross the battle lines
I choose descent, to save my conscious mind
I leave the edge and cross the battle lines
My last descent, willingly I fall

I bring myself to crumble down
To see the pieces clearly
To find the self that's buried deep
Dig for the light and freedom

It is a challenge to shed the illusions you were brought up with
To embrace the world for what it is and find your place in it
So tread not upon paths that bring you only fear and pain
Walk in the light and embrace that with which you build your strength
Walk in the light and build a life of love to consecrate

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