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    1. Daidalos 03:56
    2. Clouds 05:53
    3. Rust and ruin 07:31
    4. Closer 03:14
    5. The Search 11:06
    6. For a silver lining 05:27
    7. Spilt in vain 04:35

From Sweden with Love... and a musical exploration and redefinition only the Swedes can pull off! Please welcome back PRC's favorite Swedish band MONGOLFIÈRE! Part heavy stoner, part progressive with subtle bits and pieces of glorious proto heavy Metal and the Jazzy 70's fuzz vibe, The Fall is all of this and then some. You will, Through out the second opus, go through a wide variety of moods, subtle emotions, discovering new colors you thought impossible in today's over saturated music scene. Superbly constructed and composed, MONTGOLFIÈRE does not only show off their impeccable musical ability as a band, but mostly their unbelievable talent as song writers, an art in itself, something hard to come by in these days and ages unfortunately. The Fall is not only a collection of random riffs as every bits and pieces of music fits impeccably with each other, but a real album bringing unbelievable songs to life.

paru le 21 juin 2017

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