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    Kill with Hate - Voices of Obliteration (2013)
    1. Submersion 03:28
    2. The Beast Within 03:21
    3. Servant of God 05:46
    4. Epistle of Fire 03:04
    5. Pray for War 03:44
    6. Doubt 04:48
    7. Imprisoned 04:33
    8. Speeches of the Defendant 06:25
    Total: 35:09

    Brutal Death Metal, Black Metal, Grind Core, Zombie, Horror
    Country of origin: Hungary
    Location: Budapest

    Turi Drums
    Ákos Olt Guitars
    Marci Guitars
    Cathar Vocals
    Patrik Pornoi Bass

    Label: PRC Music

The active status of the band begun in December 2007 as a common effort of Khrul, Tamas Meilinger, Marton Hartvig and Ákos Olt former guitarst of Archaic. Things got serious when Krisztian Cathar Gyemant from Sin of Kain joined as singer. With Cathar on board, Kill With Hate quickly became a well-known band in the hungarian underground metal scene. In this period, the band shared stages with bands like Onslaught and Moonsorrow. In 2009 the band starts to record the debut EP. Mixing was about to be done by Khrul, but finally he left the band due the lack of interest in drumming. The final mixing was finished by Ákos in early 2010 and Khrul was replaced on drums by the talented Bence Turi Turcsak, who managed to fit in quickly.

In 2010 April, the debut EP entitled Evolution Of The Beast was released, and got a very positive reception both from the fans and the media. Kill With Hate got the possibility to perform the songs of the EP sharing stages with Job For A Cowboy, As I Lay Dying and Belphegor among others.

In 2011 Tamas Kocsonya Meilinger left the band, and was immediately replaced by Patrik Pornoi, who previously played bass in the band called Funebre with former member Khrul. Soon after Kill With Hate managed to perform as a support band for The Black Dahlia Murder, which was a huge success in the bands history. In the second half of the year Kill With Hate concentrated on songwriting and preparation for the record of it’s first full length album.

In 2012 February the band returned to the stage as a support band for Origin, Psycroptic and Leng Tch’e. Later that month, they entered No Silence studio to record the new album. After the recordings the band had the chance to open the stage for the most influential death metal band, Cannibal Corpse.

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