HYBREED CHAOS - Entombed in Dark Matter




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    1. Entombed in Dark Matter 01:05
    2. Into the heart of the swarm 05:49
    3. Bloodshot 03:38
    4. Proletherion 03:47
    5. Cognitive Dissonance 06:23
    6. Scorched 05:37
    7. Weight of the inner void 05:49
    8. Soliptic Confinement 05:12
    9. Eroded 07:46
    10. Ëtre ou le Néant 06:01

    Montréal's heavy hitter HYBREED CHAOS is back with album number 2 aptly entitled "Entombed in dark matter". Hitting the mark with the album title, its hardly conceivable that a death Metal band can get any darker than this. Musically exploring similar paths to GORGUTS, ULCERATE and to some extent DEATHSPELL OMEGA, the quartet went above and beyond to define the embryo that was clearly growing within the band's musical vision on their first album "Dying Dogma" (PRC18). This new album is HEAVY (Capital letters here is a must!), dense, layered and superbly produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy). HYBREED CHAOS' new album is a masterpiece of experimental Doomy Death Metal and will definitely put the band on the map once and for good.
    paru le 9 juin 2017

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