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    A must have for fans of ACCEPT and JUDAS PRIEST!

    1. Flesh & Blood 03:49
    2. Cathedral 06:16
    3. Reavers 05:47
    4. Hammered Down 05:06
    5. Starblind 06:52
    6. Vermin Terror 03:04
    7. Easy Rideth - Heavy Striker 04:17
    8. Opus 10:49
    9. Pirate Song 04:08
FLESH (started in 2004 in Zagreb, Croatia) is Heavy Metal of the 80's revisited and done absolutely right! Its always a pleasure to find an outstanding genuine band that plays the tunes with conviction, that sounds legitimate and from the heart. FLESH is that band and although they did not re-invent the whole genre, they are excellent musicians who can definitely play their instruments and write the type of tunes that we, true metal fans, all loved and cherished 3 decades ago... and definitely still enjoy today. FLESH is taking influence from JUDAS PRIEST and ACCEPT among other things but is not trying to sound like a revival band as they strive to add their own sound to their brand of true, classic heavy metal music. Support this band because they really do deserve it!

paru le 3 mars 2016
Album remastered in November 2015.

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