EYEXIST -The Digital Holocaust




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    1. Prelude to Apocalypse 01:03
    2. The Digital Holocaust 03:28
    3. Chronicles of Survival 03:44
    4. The One Who Meets With God 04:05
    5. Alone Against The Earth 03:57
    6. Planar Extinction 01:36
    7. Inside The Machine 04:45
    8. Eliminate And Eradicate 04:42
    9. Domination 03:29
    10. They Came From within 03:59

Eyexist is the avant-garde death metal band of two best friends, Francis Bouillon and Jean Beaulieu. Based in Montreal, they’ve known each other for 25 years but never got to record together until 2016. Jean (Vocalist) has previously been heard on the albums "Reign Of Lunacy"(1995) and "We Are The Undead"(2015) from Canadian underground death metal band Gorelust. For Francis, this is his first recording; but the jazz-trained guitarist, and longtime fan of old school death metal, kept practicing his art outside the recording booth, and kept exploring new ideas. They created Eyexist's identity not only from old school death metal and modern metal, but also from musical genres as diverse as jazz, modern films scores, video games music, and rock. Jean composed lyrics reflecting Eyexist’s dark, cyber death metal sound, with humanity’s fate for theme, and borrowing from sciencefiction and apocalyptic theories. With a sound they describe as "Avant-Garde Death Metal", Eyexist fuses past, present and future together, creating a menacing modern death metal vibe.

paru le 31 octobre 2016

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