ALUNAH - Call of avernus




  • Item #: IFMERCH_2781
  • Product Type: CD
  • Description: Item 2781

    1. Living fast in an ancient land 06:44
    2. Call of avernus 05:14
    3. Song of the sun 05:05
    4. Magick lantyrn 02:16
    5. Eternal sea 08:17
    6. Dance of dionysus 03:15
    7. Circle of stone 07:00
    8. Higher 05:16
    9. Hermetic order of the golden dawn 06:32

    paru le 7 avril 2015
Fantastic re-issue of the band's debut album... ALUNAH is now signed to NAPALM RECORDS and have recently released its 3rd album and is touring all over Europe as you read this. This is the same recording (you don't touch a classic album in any possible way!) but Sophie (front goddess) re-did the layout and its just beautiful... 8 pages full color everywhere! If you're into classic DOOM and bands like Black Sabbath, Cathedral and Witch Mountain, ALUNAH is a band you want to (re) discover!

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