Verbal Agressor



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  • Burning The Oppressor - Verbal Agressor (illustration by Alex ¨B.O`Dowd


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    Verbal Agressor (2013)
    I- The Aggression
    II- Pissed Off
    III- Verbal aggressor
    IV- Qc Militia (feat. Olishit from Citizen Vicious)
    V- You can't hide
    VI- The Puppeteers audience (feat. JM from Mass Murder Messiah)
    VII- Mute
    VIII- Sans pitié (feat. Oscar from Anonymus)
    IX- Always the same
    X- Built like a tank (feat. Petrick from Reanimator)
    XI- It's all lost
    XII- Shoot-reload-repeat

    Release date: 2013.06.07

Illustration par/by Alex B. O`Dowd (Quebec).

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