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  • Location: Montreal, QC, CANADA
  • Genre: Metal

Short Biography

Coming together on the South Shore of Montreal, the members of The Unconscious Mind mix jagged pieces of black, death, progressive and symphonic metal to forge a distinctly deadly sound. Combining the black metal sonorities of Old Man's Child, Dimmu Borgir and Immortal with the modern death metal of Meshuggah and Decapitated, TUM's tight and technical yet atmospheric approach oers many listeners with a long-sought-after link between these genres.

Following the release of debut demo Witness The Madness in 2009, TUM began performing on the scene in Montreal and the surrounding region. Providing support for such acts as The Agonist, Derelict, Augury and many more allowed the band to build a following attuned to their 21st century blend of metal. In 2012, TUM undertook the recording of a rst full-length album, Where Philosophers Fall, with Maxime Côté (Hands Of Despair, Catuvolcus) and have since signed for distribution with CDN Records for its release. The album revisits the ve demo songs, revamped and upgraded, and adds six new compositions that build on what the band's experience and inuences. “We feel that combining the vision of The Unconscious Mind with Maxime Côté's insight and production skills was denitely the right route to take,” comments TUM guitarist Simon Cléroux. “The sound we achieved on Where Philosophers Fall is precisely what we wanted to express, and we're excited to keep forging on from here!”

2013 will bring news of new shows, tours, content and followup writing and recording plans. Stay tuned!

The Unconscious Mind is:
Simon Cléroux - Guitars/Backing Vocals (Derelict)
Michael Racine - Keyboard
Louis Paul Gauvreau - Vocals
Simon Gauvreau - Bass
Charles-André Brodeur - Drums


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