Some Of The Few

About Some Of The Few

  • Location: Montreal, QC, CANADA
  • Genre: Heavy Metal

Short Biography

Hello world, Let me take the oppotunity to present myself, Marc-André Boulay co-founder of the little band Some Of The Few.
This journey started in the early 1990's when me and my partner in crime Stephan Laroche started writing together. Almost 20 years later, we still enjoy doing it. In recent shows I've presented Some Of The Few as a bunch of wanna-be-never-were-has-been. And nothing can be more honest. It's way passed do or die time for us. But in the last 3 years this band has re-charged, re-generated. Why give a last shot at making this happen ? Watch the last ROCKY you'll get it. This band has been sitting on a volcano blocking the erruption bound to happen.

To make a quick history, in 1992 the trio SOTF recorded its first demo. To be told we don't make demos anymore, you present a finished album to a record company. Endless line up changes led to us as a duo to start working on the first album in 1997. Ten thousand strong spent on the project. And hundreds of copies sent to various record companies world wide. After mailing a blank tape (intentionnaly) to a record company and being told our material did not represent the current style of music the record company was looking for. We almost called it quits, it was really insulting.
But the love of music and song writing and unexpected turn of events brought us foward. The Classic SOTF duo became a band. Teaming up with former Haute Tension members Partick Pigeon and Eric Mireault. This version of the band in my opinion, musicianship wise was really good. But me and Patrick being two natural leaders led to the band's return as a duo. Patrick and Eric went on to be the awesome formation called Howling Syn. We left the project on hold for many years but Rocky was always screaming inside me.

In 2005 my wife said one of her friend's boyfriend switched from guitar to drums... So instantly Mike Connolly as a little scared virgin was called into the SOTF garage for a first rehersal. To my total disapointment, Mike had only heard one Judas Priest song and two Iron Maiden songs in all his life... That was more disapointing than the fact he could barely play drums! Olivier Arpin came as second guitarist. He had just been through his band's split. I asked him to bring his guitar to see what happens. We just talked about music, we did not even play and I told him he was the new guitarist of SOTF. Bass is filled by childhood pal of ours Jean-Francois Lévis.
Hundreds of hours in rehearsals and many unpaid really fun shows led us to november 2008 when I stepped out of my band and let metal-god Tim Ripper Owens take my place for one show. As a fan I watched the guys play and I still can't whipe the smile off my face when I think about that show. During the last year, the songwriting process was still on, and led us to NOW. as we head on to the studio to record the 11 years in the making follow up album. As we continue this 20 year musical journey... We stand, gathered together as a band. Guts and guitars in our hands, Some Of The Few in command. ..

Marc-André "Crazy F" ---------------- Vocals
Stephan "BlackSmith" ------------ Lead Guitarist
Olivier "OLI" --------------------- Rhythm Guitarist
Dave "Tornado"----------------------- Drums
J-F FireStorm Leduc ----------------Bass


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