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  • Location: SWE ENG AUS
  • Genre: Progressive Metal / Subliminal Groove

Short Biography

Slice The Cake is an intercontinental progressive metal trio formed in 2009. A two-piece at the point of inception, Gareth Mason (England) and Jonas Johansson (Sweden) first created the original demo of the track "Cleansed," with Gareth on vocals and Jonas on guitar, drum programming and production respectively.

Later in the year, a third member was brought into the picture with the inclusion of Magero Richardson's (Australia) composition, and the triangle was formed.
In early 2010 they released their debut EP, titled after the original demo and it spread like wildfire via word of mouth and the album being uploaded on filesharing sites and posted on blogs dedicated to sharing music.
On March 2012, the band released their first full length album, clocking in at over an hour, The Man With No Face was a monolithically heavy slab of death metal with a deep lyrical tapestry, followed up later in that year with a collection of B-sides and other left over tracks under the guise of Other Slices.

Now, having spent the last year and a half hard at work, Slice the Cake are getting ready to release their new album, Odyssey to the West, through Subliminal Grooves Records in late 2014, and create a whole new generation of men without faces.

Intercontinental Progressive Metal Trio Formed online in 2009 by Jonas Johansson (SWE) Gareth Mason (ENG) and Jack Magero Richardson (AUS)


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