About Ascariasis

  • Location: Burlington, Ontario CANADA
  • Genre: Djent Metal / SubliminalGroove

Short Biography

Ascariasis embodies a new breed of modern Canadian metal.
Hailing from Burlington, Ontario – this five piece brings a unique mix of crushing brutality, agonizing passages and soaring melodies.
With influences ranging from the most technical and chaotic metal styles to ambient and classical, the band seeks to break beyond expectations and deliver a fresh blend of melodic, technical and progressive death metal while staying true to their local roots.

Leo Valeri - Guitars (@VikeMaleri)
Mike "The Stache" DiDomenico - Guitars (@simbaknows)
Devin Kendall - Bass (@adevinkendall)
Evan Watton - Vocals (@EvanWatton)
Mark Poelmann - Drums (@MarkBearPig)

Record Label
Subliminal Groove


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